What is Google KEEN?


Google has announced something new, Google Keen. What is Google KEEN? It is a proactive way to collect and share information on topics you are interested in.

You can invite others to join your KEENS, or just keep it to yourself. At first glance, it may look a bit like Pinterest but in fact, it’s not the same at all.  Because first of all it’s proactive AND it’s based on machine learning. Now what the heck is that?

Machine learning

Here’s the definition: Machine Learning is part of Artificial Intelligence, the machine (your device: laptop, tablet, phone) has the ability to adapt to new situations, it can discover and use algorithms and patterns.

In this case: it builds on the search results that you collect in your KEEN. As that collection of search results grows and you start selecting your GEMS (your favourite results) KEEN increasingly understands where your specific interest lies. And will then start searching for that more specifically. You will be offered results in a frequency and quantity that you can indicate yourself.

Why Google Keen?

Google wants to give its customers the very best answer to the questions they ask. That is why Google values ​​unique, complete and clear content that is also presented swiftly. KEEN is a new way for Google users to collect and share information. Websites that will “shared” thru KEEN will skyrocket in Google’s ranking. As a marketeer / web builder / search engine optimization expert, you now will have to provide even more “good content” to make sure you can hitch a ride on the Google KEEN train.

Where does Google Keen come from?

It is a (still) experimental web / Android app, one of the so-called Google’s Area-120 projects. Area 120 most resembles a kind of nursery where small teams work together to start and develop innovative projects.

KEEN started because of a couple! They were sharing links with each other on their phones regarding their favourite individual and common topics. Of course they initiated their searches for more information on these topics themselves. They started wondering how great it would be if Google would”automatically” provide them with the stuff they are interested in. Or how cool it would be if they could involve other people in it. So that’s how KEEN started.

How do you make a Google KEEN?

I immediately went for it and I created a KEEN about Building a house. Since that is a topic I’m really interested in.  I have made an instruction for you how to create such a KEEN, you can download it (you will see all screens) => Google Keen screen prints English. Further on in this blog I also explain, step by step, how it works.

While building the KEEN, you immediately get the whole idea. Google instantly comes up with suggestions of search terms related to your subject.

Step 1: Go to Google KEEN

Click on https://staykeen.com/

Step 2: Create a Google KEEN

  • Click the black button showing the white plus sign
  • Create a KEEN by entering your specific topic
  • Click Next

Step 3: specify search criteria

Select some of the search suggestions that are offered and/or add your own search criteria

Step 4: Add description and select range

Enter a short description of the subject of your KEEN. Select the reach by choosing:

  • Private: visible only to you
  • Shared: visible to you AND to the people you invite
  • Public: visible to everyone

Click Create. The KEEN is now visible on your “main screen”.

Step 5: Selecting Gems

Click on the KEEN you just created. You can do a number of things with the search results that are displayed:

At the bottom right of the image you will see the GEM icon, which allows you to save this search result (indicating that this is one of your favorites).
The three dots to the left of the GEM icon allow you to access, share, discard or save this specific search result.

Want to know more about Google KEEN?

Click this link to read more about Google KEEN.

Give it a try and let me know what you think about it! Send me an email!

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