Writing together is a piece of cake

At least: it will be when you do it the smart way. Otherwise it will quickly become a nuisance.

I still remember my experiences in the old days, working together in MSWord. The “Track changes” functionality was switched on and before we knew it, we were all looking at a dazzling amount of colors, lines and arrows telling us what have been changed. It drove me nuts.

We also tried the alternative route: interviews. One of us would interview the others to get their input and opinion. Obviously, people would contradict each other, but anyway, after you dealt with all that you could start writing. At some point you would send out the first draft begging people to give their remarks via email. I still get nightmares when I think back of sorting all these comments out. It was a huge hassle.


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Writing together with Interactive Acts

Already feeling desperate? Well, don’t be! Because NOW the good news is coming in. There is a way to write together that overcomes all that misery from the past, COLLABOWRITING:

  • Your team works in a clear and structured document layout, set up in the “cloud”
  • You can access it 24/7
  • There is only one version: the most recent one
  • Everyone can contribute and comment without losing the total picture
  • It is all about content instead of creating beautiful sentences and avoiding errors
  • And here comes the cherry on the cake: We will turn all YOUR input into appealing content!

All the above, and more, we can offer you. Read more about it or contact us immediately.

Appealing and unique content

Here’s some examples:

  • That big proposal which normally needs to be emailed back-and-forth to all parties involved? No need for that anymore. From now on, everyone puts in their own stuff. Once you’re ready, we will turn all the input into an appealing quote. Your customer will be thrilled!
  • The script on that big event coming up? Just invite everyone involved to enter their thoughts and ideas directly and allow them to comment on each other’s input. While doing so they immediately get a clear view of what’s going on so far.

Collabowrite works, for all your plans, proposals, web-content, brochures … in fact, for every document you can think of. From now on, getting people involved and committed is a breeze. And that is why writing together is a piece of cake when you Collabowrite with us,

Want to give it a try? Contact us and we can discuss the opportunities to work together.

Interactive Acts is a Dutch company, founded and run by Wilma Vervoort. She teams up with Dutch and South African professionals, all fluent in both English and Dutch. The team consists of content writers, web developers and graphic designers. They specialise in content writing, social media management and plug-and-play web shops and websites. Interactive Acts offers you a fair price and typically delivers within 7 to 10 working days.

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