Collaborative writing

A plan, brochure, manual, proposal, most of the time more than one person will be involved in writing it. With Collabowriting of Interactive Acts writing text together is a piece of cake.

No back-and-forth emailing of documents. No different versions. No confusion. Collabowriting automatically shows you the latest version. You can be sure everyone is looking at the same thing.

Collabowriting works! A clear and structured lay-out with open questions and statements to which you can respond at your own pace. And you can also comment on each other’s input.


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It is great that we can immediately comment on each other’s input while keeping a clear overview.
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It doesn’t matter if your writing isn’t flawness. Or whether your writing skills are poor.
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Wilma’ team turned all our input into appealing content and all of us felt involved since we helped creating it.

Wilma Vervoort

Collabowriting was created from the many years of experience we have built up in facilitating group processes. We offer people the opportunity to work together in a safe, democratic and effective environment. Where every opinion counts and all facts are revealed.

We have now linked this experience to our other expertise: writing.

We transform all input into appealing content. Whether it is a business plan, a school plan, a brochure or web site content.


Let's get you started.

Can we change each other's input?

In fact, that’s up to you to decide. But you can also decide to just attach your comments to it and leave the original input as is.

Where is our document stored?

You will work in an online dialogue program in the cloud. Of course, security is guaranteed. All people involved can access the document 24/7.

Do we need an MSWord-license?

No, because we don’t use MSWord. You don’t need any program licenses, for that matter. Just a link that will take you straight to your document.

Can we contribute anonimously?

Sure. Another option: we can create so called “team-labels”. When you log in, you choose one of the teams and all your input will then be labelled accordingly.

But my writing skills are poor.

Great! Afraid of making grammatical errors? Typo’s? Don’t be. Because that’s where we come in. You only have to worry about the content itself.

How about the cost involved?

The cost depend on the size of the project as such.
Normally, we will come up with a fixed fee, based on our experiences.


Whether it is about writing a new plan or updating an existing one: with Collabowriting, involving different people or departments is very easy. Lead times won’t be infected by it at all. Commitment and consensus is growing because every participant has an opportunity to contribute based on their own expertise. They will get inspired and triggered by the input of others and tap into it..

Most of the time, brochures are produced by “outsiders”. As such, not a bad idea idea at all. But no matter how skilled they are, they need to be briefed in order to get them going.

The perfect brief does not only describe the product or the service as such; but also the organisation behind it. How does it differ from competition? The people in your company know all the facts and are perfectly capable to write the perfect brief.

What applies to a brochure, also applies to a website. Your own people know the nitty-gritty details of the products, services and customers.  They know what customers are looking for. Where the competition walks in.

Involve them when it comes to ideas regarding web content.

How do your quotations look? Like a technical specification? Or like an appealing, nice-to-read document encouraging your customers to place the order? The more complex it gets, the more people will need to be involved. Why not do that right from the start? Let them Collabowrite!

The most current process description? It’s not the most recent one stored somewhere safe. The most current one you can find in the heads of the people involved. They know how things work in practice, where the obstacles pop up and where improvisation (the “workaround”) begins.

Make sure these people share their knowledge so processes can be examined and optimized.

Sure. Whatever needs to be written down: Collabowriting makes it easy and enjoyable. Everyone can join in and feel included. Another big advantage: lead times decrease.

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Just give us a call and together we will make it work!